Thomas S. Stewart Secondary School – Ashburnham Ale House 2020

Student Exhibit

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Title: TASSS Film Photography Students

Ashburnham Ale House
128 Hunter St. E,
Phone 705 874-0333

Mon – Fri 11 am - 11 pm
Sat & Sun 9 am - 11 pm

Thomas S. Stewart Secondary School
1009 Armour Road
Educator: Margaret Mitchell

The film photography course at TAS provides students with an incredible learning opportunity. For most students, a roll of film itself is a discovery. Film has an inherent romantic quality to it. Film is tactile; it holds the promise of mystery and invention. Let’s face it, loading a roll of film into a camera is a lot more exciting for students than inserting a memory card!

Students gain hands-on practice with 35mm film cameras as well as traditional and experimental darkroom techniques, while learning about photography as a fine art medium. Students master basic camera operation and discover the magic of photographic seeing, including framing and composition, as well as the importance of how light and shadow reveals the subject. The darkroom provides students with opportunities to further explore the boundaries of possibility, as they learn techniques such as dodge and burn and experimenting with contrast.

The limited number of exposures with film means that it is important to make sure each shot counts! Developing your own film is its own kind of magic. In an age of widespread digital photography, the opportunity to make photographs in this more tactile way offers students something exciting and new.

The photographs on exhibit are the culmination of the knowledge students have gained coupled with the opportunities for experimentation that students have engaged with this semester.

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