Juried – Submit Photos 2020

Juried Submission for 2020 is closed.

Submit online images

Photos can be submitted as digital files by using a cloud transfer system (file sharing app) such as Dropbox or Google Drive or by using the upload link below for Dropbox.

When submitting images using Dropbox or Google Drive, share the images with the email address:  info@sparkphotofestival.org. Be sure to re-name your photos as per the instructions and technical specs outlined under How to Submit – Technical Specifications.
Image files should be named as follows: your Surname_ImageTitle.File Extension (jpg/tif) (e.g. Smith_Hoop Shot.jpg) and if you are submitting a folder, include your full name as the Folder Title with Juried Submission. i.e. Cindy Photographer – Juried Submission

Do not send images as email attachments. If you need assistance using a cloud transfer system, please email info@sparkphotofestival.org and we will assist you.

Please back-up your original digital files.

Upload link
When you click the link, a new tab will be opened. After uploading your files, close the tab to return to here.

Click to upload your files – CLOSED NOW

Or Mail the images

Images can also be submitted on CD/DVD/ stick drive. Do not send original digital files.

SPARK Juried Exhibit
c/o Package Plus
Box 278, 171A Rink St.,
Peterborough, ON, Canada, K9J 2J6

SPARK cannot return submitted prints or digital files. Unselected prints and digital files will be destroyed after judging takes place.

Steps to Submit Online

Once this step is completed, you are entered. You will receive an email confirmation.