Meet the 2023 Juried Exhibit Jury

Introducing our jury of photography professionals 2023 Themed Juried Exhibit.

Visit the Water Themed Juried Exhibit at Chasing the Cheese, April 1 to 29, 2023.

Charles van den Ouden

Charles is a Dutch born photographer trained at the Vancouver School of Art in Fine Arts, Film Animation and Photography. Charles retired from full time photographic instruction this December from Humber College, Toronto.

He has received the Masters of Photographic Arts and an Honourary Life Membership from the Professional Photographers of Canada.

He has been President of the Professional Photographers of Ontario, a member of the Federal Council of the Professional Photographers of Canada and a Constituent Council Member for the Professional Photographers of America.

Charles is currently the Past National Exhibition Chairman for the Professional Photographers of Canada. He is responsible for adjudication of six regional photographic exhibitions throughout Canada as well as the National Photographic Salon of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Rita Godlevskis

PhotoED Magazine’s Editor /Publisher Rita Godlevskis has more than twenty years of experience in photography based, creative media work, in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. She has worked across multiple platforms with a diverse range of projects in her portfolio in editorial, and creative production contexts. A passion for promoting diverse voices in Canadian photography, and great coffee keep her fuelled.

Photo by Ryan Parker

Randall Romano

For over 45 years I have been obsessed with photography, beginning in my teenage years with a Konica 35mm SLR camera making analogue images on film and transparencies. Initially, the camera was a gateway to help better notice and document the beauty of the natural world, one I still find fascinating and continue to explore to this day.

In the mid 1990’s to 2014, I ran a photography company, Turtle Pond Photography working for over 20 commercial clients and being published in over 15 print and online editorial publications. In recent years, I have been obsessed with documentary street photography having completed workshops with esteemed Magnum photographers, as well as completing university level courses delving into the history of photography. As a result, I have a body of work on street photography and researched many aspects of the genre. I have been happy to share this knowledge by offering a variety of educational seminars to over 20 different camera clubs in Ontario. A recent book publication: Reaching a Higher Level in Photography (2023) has come out of these presentations.

I also have enjoyed volunteering my time to a variety of not-for profit organizations including: the SPARK Photo Festival, CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Arts), Peterborough Toastmasters, Kawartha Land Trust, and Camp Kawartha.

Photography today finds me as obsessed as I was as a teenager, making images not only in a documentary fashion on the street, but also in the landscape genre to capture the beauty of nature. I believe the camera’s strength is its ability to capture fleeting moments, to stop time and create a sense of curiosity in the viewer. If a still image is to be successful it must illustrate something missed and something fleeting. Chasing this fleeting moment of uniqueness is a true joy, allowing me to better savior life.

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