Meet the 2024 Juried Exhibit Jury

Introducing our jury of photography professionals 2024 Themed Juried Exhibit.

Visit the Textures Themed Juried Exhibit at YMCA Balsillie Branch, Peterborough, April 1 to 30, 2023.

Ash Nayler

Introducing Ash Nayler, a seasoned wedding and portrait photographer with two decades of artistry behind the lens. Ash has been translating moments into memories, capturing the essence of love and familial bonds with a timeless touch for years!

As a mother, Ash brings a nurturing spirit to her work, understanding the importance of creating images that families will cherish for generations. Her approach is personal, and she strives to make every session a comfortable and enjoyable experience, resulting in photographs that tell stories not just of events but of the deep connections between people.

A true storyteller at heart, Ash believes in capturing the genuine emotions that unfold during weddings and family portraits. Her lens becomes a conduit, allowing the raw beauty of the moment to shine through, creating images that resonate with authenticity.

In the hands of Ash, your special moments become timeless treasures, embedded with the warmth of a mother’s heart and the artistry of a seasoned photographer. After all of these years of shooting her passion and expertise show through even more than ever and celebrate the beauty of love, and family through her captivating lens.

Along with her photography work, Ash has run portrait workshops and does private mentoring for business owners to help them learn how to shoot their own products to improve their social media feeds.

Connect with Ash:

Ash Nayler Photography on Instagram


Charles van den Ouden

Charles is a Dutch born photographer trained at the Vancouver School of Art in Fine Arts, Film Animation and Photography. Charles retired from full time photographic instruction this December from Humber College, Toronto.

He has received the Masters of Photographic Arts and an Honourary Life Membership from the Professional Photographers of Canada.

He has been President of the Professional Photographers of Ontario, a member of the Federal Council of the Professional Photographers of Canada and a Constituent Council Member for the Professional Photographers of America.

Charles is currently the Past National Exhibition Chairman for the Professional Photographers of Canada. He is responsible for adjudication of six regional photographic exhibitions throughout Canada as well as the National Photographic Salon of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

Isabel Veldhuis

Like most people I have had a camera on hand while my children were growing up and while on vacation. As an artist I found my camera a useful tool to photograph scenes I wished to paint, rather than taking the time to do a sketch.

Eventually photography became one of my favourite hobbies. I joined several photography clubs in order to learn more about my camera and gain some knowledge of how to take much better photos. I enjoy going on photo outings with other members of my clubs as I always learn something new. I enjoy photographing anything although presently I am concentrating on photographing birds in flight.

I have had several of my photos chosen and hung in shows and won a few juried best in show awards. I have also been fortunate to have sold a number of photos. I’ve been a jury member in art competitions such as the Spirit of the Hills.

I shoot with a Sony A77ii and my old Sony A65 as a backup camera. I have a wide-angle, fisheye and telephoto lens and my latest is a purchase of a 50 – 500 mm lens.