Venue Agreement 2020

Very Important: The venue information below is what will appear in all mentions of the Venue in the SPARK Photo Festival catalogue, exhibit venue map, website, and other SPARK Photo Festival promotions. It is recommended that the Venue Representative carefully review the information for accuracy in advance of signing.

Step 1. Fill in your information

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Reception/Photographer Talk/Event (Optional. Please discuss in advance with the venue owner to set a mutually convenient date)
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Venue Event (Optional Marketing. Would the Venue like to hold a special event, dinner, sale, presentation, concert, workshop, etc. in association with your exhibit?)
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: Vendor approves the exhibit subject matter & agrees to host this SPARK exhibit for the month of April 2020.

Step 2. Click on the button below to send your venue agreement form in

A copy of this will be sent to the exhibitor and venue email addresses.

Exhibit Installation Deadline: Midnight, March 31, 2020 (Please arrange for exhibit installation well in advance of the festival start date.)

Important other topics you may want to discuss with the venue representative in advance of signing this agreement: hours, reception date, how the venue benefits from being a SPARK venue, is the venue willing to share exhibitor costs (registration fee? cost of a reception?), cross-marketing opportunities, how you will market the venue, is the venue willing to use their social media assets to promote your exhibit and exhibit reception, comment books and promotional materials (do they have space?), if selling work how will the transaction take place (your role, venue role), insurance, type of installation, damage or theft of work, signage needs (see Signage Details or the SPARK Registration Package 2020 page 9).

Open Call Registration

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