Inspire: the Women’s Portrait Project: Heather Doughty – Venture North 2019

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Heather Doughty Inspire: The Women’s Portrait Project

Venture North
270 George St N
Phone 705 874.7640

M to F 8 am to 4 pm
Sat 11 am to 1 pm
Sun Closed

Heather Doughty
Phone 705 957.0808

Thursday April 4
7 to 9 pm By Invitation: Not Open to Public

INSPIRE began as the personal project of local photographer Heather Doughty. It is a photographic celebration of inspirational women organically nominated by the community, resulting in a diverse visual commentary of extraordinary women of the area. The photographs are accompanied by unedited biographies of the women chronicling a pivotal life moment or humourous overview.
This combination of visual and the written word challenges the viewer to truly see the women and to connect with her, thus opening positive conversations about culture, empowerment and celebration.

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