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SPARK Photo Festival Signature Exhibit

I'm Your Biggest Fan by Lex Belliveau


Lex Belliveau
Light the SPARK: Emerging Artist Exhibit

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My subject is life.

I started taking photos and videos from the influence of my Grade 10 Yearbook teacher Mrs. K. It was through Yearbook, that I learned the gift of documenting life for the enjoyment of looking back on moments past, later in life.

Once I bought my own camera, I started to document my friends. Creating videos with whatever I captured throughout the year to sum up all the fun we got up to — my own personal yearbook. Most importantly, I wanted to create a video that my friends could watch and feel gratitude for the friendships we shared. Life moves so fast.

In the portraits I have today, I have both professional and personal photos but to me the goal is the same, to have a photo that captures the essence of the person in the photo. In one, my friend is painting a mural, the artist in him that makes him who he is. Another, a girl on her 18th birthday in her favorite red dress – a photo she will look back on in later years. These are all just photos but the stories behind them are plentiful. That’s another reason I love to shoot, to create a photo, that sparks a story.

I’d like my art to feel familiar. Give inspiration to others to document their own lives. I want my art to inspire others to be present - appreciate the moment you have in front of you and the people in it.

I hope you look at your life and see more gratitude for the moments you get to be a part of.


Artist bio


Lex Belliveau is a lifestyle photographer (and videographer) who grew up in the small town of Little Britain, Ontario. Her art expresses a feeling familiar to the observer. Capturing emotion in her subjects, as they are. Her work is often personal as she documents her own life, relationships and recent travels. Lex shows through her art, her personal view on the world shaped by her career in nursing. Through her camera she slows down, observes the moment, and appreciates her time here.

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