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Lloyd Holmes and Sandy RandleWildlife & Abstracts

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Lloyd Holmes
Website flickr.com/photos/llohol66albums
Instagram instagram.com/glloydholmes

Sandra Randle
Email sandy.randle@sympatico.ca
Website sandra-lee-randle-photography.ca
Website 500px.com/Sandra-Lee-Randle
Instagram instagram.com/Sandra-Lee-Randle


Wildlife & Abstracts

Lloyd Holmes and Sandy Randle

Wildlife & Abstracts Is a dual exhibit with wildlife photography by Lloyd Holmes and abstract photography by Sandy Randle. Lloyd’s Wildlife exhibit is a presentation of his exceptional work in capturing the beauty of wildlife in it’s natural setting. Lloyd will be donating a portion of his proceeds to support the work of the Kingston Field Naturalists (www.kingstonfieldnaturalists.org), an organization dedicated to working to preserve wildlife and natural habitats. Abstracts is a selection of images from Sandy's recent explorations involving ICM and In The Round photography.

Lloyd Holmes

Currently in our present world we have a number of species of wildlife that is susceptible to becoming extinct and it was recently reported that another 40 species have been added to that list which will continue to grow if efforts are not employed to change their destiny. In 2023 hundreds of thousands of birds perished with the virus Avian Flu. Tens of thousands of acres of forest were destroyed by fire in northern Ontario and Quebec in early summer and I am sure high numbers of nests containing eggs and young were decimated plus all the mammals that could not escape. How many species has man jeopardized ruining their habitat with his incessant push for urbanization? Our wildlife is having to cope with too many adverse forces to continue to propagate and flourish.

When I go out into the field with my camera to attempt to get some good images of species I like to think that my photographs will be seen and appreciated by the millions of people that never or rarely get out in nature so have never seen an adult bird winging its way back to the nest with food for its young or a fox hunting in the wild for food to support pups back in the den or a whitetail doe teaching her fawn how to signal to the others that there is a possible threat nearby or a female turtle digging a cavity in sand or loose gravel to deposit her eggs into to start a new generation or a salmon battling a strong river current to reach the spawning grounds. I would like to think my pictures will benefit those people as well as those who enjoy viewing and/or collecting wildlife art rather than a memory of an extinct species.

More of my work can be viewed on my website: www.flickr.com/photos/llohol66albums

Sandy Randle

Photography is an emotional outlet for me; one that is constantly evolving as I discover who I am and how I fit into the universe. I feel connected to my surroundings when photographing landscapes and waterscapes, barns and farms, lighthouses, and other buildings and structures that are rich in history, as well as nature and wildlife.  A common feel to much of my work is moody lighting and skies. Dramatic clouds add depth and emotion, especially in black and white. Abstract photography (aka ICM or Intentional Camera Movement) has gotten my attention recently and I’m looking forward to exploring this field of photography. With ICM photography, instead of photographing a specific subject, I feel I'm recording an emotion or mood where the viewer can fill in the details from their imagination, or it may spark a long-forgotten memory from their past. In the Round Photography is another field of photography similar to ICM. It involves walking around the subject and shooting every few feet, until you’ve gone 360° around your subject. These images are then layered and blended to produce an impressionistic image.

More of my work can be found on the gallery pages of my website:  500px.com/Sandra-Lee-Randle or sandra-lee-randle-photography.ca




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