Nigel Dickson – Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre of Warkworth 2019

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Title: Nigel Dickson FerroFaces

Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre of Warkworth
35 Church St
Phone 705 925.4450

Sat | Sun 11 am to 4 pm

Nigel Dickson
Port Hope
Phone 416 997.4112

Saturday April 6
7 pm to 9 pm


This latest ‘portrait’ series combines my love of masks and primitive art with my habit of seeing faces in the strangest things. Having spent over 35 years photographing people and studying the human face, this is a new way for me to present my favourite subject. All the components were collected from a scrap metal yard near my home in Port Hope, Ontario. The individual pieces were carefully aged in my back garden until a suitable patina was achieved and then reconstructed as still life compositions. There are 22 males, 22 females and 8 non-binary, as I see them.

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