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An Accidental Collection of Photographic Prints

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Robert Boudreau: Private Collection Reception
Saturday April 28
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Robert Boudreau
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Robert Boudreau, Rogue Collector

After 40 plus years of being co-joined to photography and photographers, it appears I have acquired, through no grand plan of my own, a substantial number of photographic prints, or as some would call it, a collection.

I consider it modest, lacking as it does a central focus on any individual photographer or movement or style. If the truth were known, I am way too lackadaisical to do the research necessary to bring a strong curatorial focus to acquisition, and too financially insolvent – good friends might argue cheap – to acquire any photo beyond my often thinly stretched pocketbook. My collection is a bit rogue, more the result of accident than of intent.

Many were gifts from photographer friends, a couple had the distinct whiff of a school-yard marble trade, some, I simply asked for and presto my wish was granted and some, especially since SPARK started, I actually purchased to encourage the photographer to keep on keeping on, recognizing more than a wisp of talent and passion in their offerings.

I have never acquired a photograph or any other work of art for that matter, as an investment.

All of the photographs, during their frequent rotations, have at one time or another, graced the walls of my cave. With purchases, it was mostly an emotional reaction to the work. After staring at me for several years, exhausting my patience to contemplate them a moment longer, these works retire to the attic to languor on vacation in their brown paper wrapping. Unwrapping them after a long retirement is like Christmas, as I joyfully recall the details of their pedigree and author. Others become life-long friends never to leave the wall, a part of my life story, I could no more live without than I could without water. All have a rich origin story that makes for good dinner conversation after a few goblets of wine.

This exhibit contains just a smidgeon of the entire collection. The exhibit is an accidental and eclectic and a personal exhibit, meant to inspire viewers to build a collection of photographs for themselves. And there is no better opportunity to do this than at SPARK.

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